Many clients come to me for Deep Release Therapy which is a combination of Swedish massage, acupressure and energy work.
Effective at relieving tension in muscular and connective tissues, deep release massage is recommended for most people, though it’s especially beneficial if you experience chronic aches.
While I aim to relieve your symptoms, the goal of treating this way is to find the root causes of your aches and pains, and unravel the patterns that perpetuate them.
At the beginning of a session, we discuss your needs and general state. Treatment is then adapted to your individual requirements, whether that be more deep pressure or relaxation, focused or general.
I am also experienced in pregnancy massage.

I work Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Pilates New Plymouth at 28 Northgate. The rest of the week I’m working from my beautiful bespoke studio in Brixton where you can relax to the sounds of birdsong and the sea.

Wednesday – Strandon, New Plymouth
Thursday to Tuesday – Brixton Waitara