Amber Cielo

ITEC Dip. | Dip. de Mousgraffe | Cert. Emotional Release Bodywork
Throughout my adulthood I’ve observed in myself and others how deeply our physical wellbeing affects our quality of life. For many of us, life gets in the way of our intentions to maintain our ideals of nutrition, sleep and exercise. I aim to support my clients in creating a personal wellness practice. I advocate for independence in a practice as well as receiving treatments that will aid lifetime wellbeing through greater mobility, physical ease and a harmonious nervous system.
My approach to bodywork is deep, empathic and intuitive. I release fatigued and stuck muscular and connective tissues, and support the parasympathetic nervous system. I do this slowly and thoroughly, creating a process that allows for emotional and energetic release as well as physical rejuvenation. So that you leave with a deepening sense of freedom throughout your body, and a greater feeling of wellbeing.
Bodywork has been my vocation since 1990. I’ve studied under a number of renowned practitioners both in New Zealand and abroad. Also, my knowledge has strengthened through my own personal wellbeing practices in yoga and movement meditation. All of which has enabled me to deepen my work enhancing the enjoyment of life for many different people. I would be privileged to share this with you.